Our History

Learn more about houston's oldest family-owned bakery below.
We are very proud of our rich history Moeller’s Bakery brings to the city of Houston. In 1930 Goswin “Gus” Moeller started Moeller’s Bakery with his brother Raymond. The two brothers learned to bake in a bakery in New Braunfels, Texas prior to moving to Houston. Gus Moeller not only opened Moeller’s bakery in 1930, but he also had a son Donald W. Moeller in the same year. Many people still remember Gus’ wife Lucille “Grandma” Moeller working in the front handing out cookies to the kids with their mothers while their mothers shopped.

The recipes that are used in the bakery today are the same recipes Gus Moeller used in 1930 with no additives or preservatives added to any items. Moeller’s Bakery still even has the same pre-World War II oven that is used every day. The oven has rotating shelves that ensures all the items are baked evenly.

D.W. Moeller took over for his father Gus in 1980. D.W. and his wife Theresa Moeller have two sons Jason and Eric. D.W. Moeller personally made every cake and made sure every product was up to his standards while Theresa Moeller made sure the office and employees were handled efficiently. The whole family has had a large part of keeping Gus and Lucille’s bakery dreams alive today.

We have been incredibly fortunate at Moeller’s Bakery to have wonderful and dedicated employees. Of our current 15 employees they total 224 years of experience which is an average of 15 years per person. A special recognition goes to two very special ladies Miss Dorothy and Miss Carol who have worked at Moeller’s Bakery for 50 years and 40 years respectively.

The family tradition continues as D.W. and Theresa Moeller’s son, Eric, helps to maintain the bakery as the fixer of all things including making custom parts to keep the 80-year-old oven in tip-top shape, and Miss Carol’s son, James, oversees the baking operations as he was taught by D.W. Moeller when he was a teenager. We are very proud to continue the Moeller’s Bakery legacy with our family and that includes our bakery family as well. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the past, present, and future of Moeller’s Bakery.

Gus and Lucille Moeller opened Moeller's Bakery in 1930.

Miss Dorothy has worked at Moeller's for 50 years, always smiling.

Our talented staff can make just about anything you can imagine.

DW and head baker James in front of our pre-World War II oven, still in use today.